Longer chain life on a jig machine for bricks.

Longer chain life on a jig machine for bricks.

4x longer chain life in the manuf­actur­e of bricks.

Interflon Lube TF

Initial situation

Previously, the chain of a jig machine used for bricks was not lubricated. No lubricant worked until now. This led to worn chains that did not run smoothly. A broken chain cost the company $32,431 per day. The chain itself cost $2,079

Our solution

Interflon Lube TF, a dry lubricant that displaces moisture and protects against corrosion and is suitable for open lubrication points such as chains, cables, chutes, etc. was used.


The chains lubricated with Interflon Lube TF have been in operation for four years now and none have had to be replaced. The chains still run smoothly and very quietly. A total of $129,724 was saved over 4 years.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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