Optimal lubrication of a board stacking machine.

Optimal lubrication of a board stacking machine.

Chain lubri­catio­n interval extended 5x

Interflon Lube TF

Initial situation

Previously, the chain had to be lubricated once a week with conventional oil. All the chains of the rollers had wood chips stuck to them, did not run smoothly and made squeaking noises. This also caused a high energy consumption.

Our solution

Interflon Lube TF was used, a dry lubricant that prevents the adhesion of dirt and dust and is suitable for open lubrication points such as chains, cables, chutes, etc. The chain should be cleaned with Fin Degreaser EM30+ beforehand.


The use of Interflon Lube TF and Interflon Degreaser EM30+ allowed the chain to be restored to its original condition. There is no more adhesion of dusts and there are no more squeaking noises. The lubrication interval is 5x longer.

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