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Expected annual savings exceeding € 12.000,-

Lubrication of rotary disconnectors

Initial situation

Sector: Electricity distribution

The customer encounters operating problems in the disconnectors which, when exposed to atmospheric agents, tend to present lubrication problems: hardened or carbonized grease. On average, the customer replaces 3 disconnectors per year with very expensive interventions. Besides there are risks for the personnel since the operating position is several meters above the ground. It is also necessary to notify the users of the lack of service, employing two operators for another two hours.

Our solution

Interflon Lube TF (aerosol)

Interflon Metal Clean F (aerosol)

Interflon Grease OG (aerosol)

Advantages obtained

  • Reduced maintenance interventions
  • Increased safety for operators
  • The intervention to replace the disconnector has been eliminated
  • Clean, long-lasting lubrication


  • It is no longer necessary to purchase new disconnectors
  • It is no longer necessary to notify the user of non-delivery of the service
  • Annual savings exceeding € 12.000,- without considering the benefits of increasing the efficiency of the service provided

Tags: MicPol® technology