Img Interflon Eco Dispenser

Lubrication tools

Automatic dilution system

Eco Dispenser

Eco-friendly chemical dilution system for precise, safe and reliable chemical management for the professional hygiene industry and industrial sanitation in general.

  • High-flow application
  • Flexible design
  • Easy installation and starting (movie available)
  • Precise dilution, no overdosing
  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally friendly and safe unit
  • Suitable for: Interflon Eco Cleaner, Interflon Fin Clean All, Interflon Clean Special

Simple and always ready for use

  • Inter connectable
  • Volume flow 14 litre/min
  • Includes an EN1717 DB backflow preventer


  • Right dosage guaranteeing low cost
  • Dosage Protection against tampering
  • Avoids handling and spilling when diluting manually
  • Chemical Compatible with Interflon cleaners
  • Always the correct dilution available


Filling of floor scrubbers, mopping equipment, high pressure cleaners, ultrasonic baths, general cleaning of larger surfaces.

Article numbers:
Interflon Eco Dispenser: 7240
Interflon Eco Dispenser connector: 7241
Interflon Eco Dispenser Spare key (black): 72