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Extreme pressure dry-film lubricant

Lube EP

Extreme pressure dry-film lubricant fortified with high-performance additives and MicPol®. Provides a tough, durable boundary of solid film lubricant.

Designed for adverse conditions of extreme loads and high water wash areas. Allows to safely extend service intervals to reduce costly maintenance, lubricant consumption, and spare part usage.

Goes on wet, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas. Sets up a clean, highly durable non-drip dry lubrication film that virtually eliminates wear on moving parts.

Holds up to pressures, resists water wash-off and will not attract dirt, dust and other abrasives. Loosens seized, rusted and frozen parts eliminates stick-slip and prevents the formation rust and other corrosives.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Excellent, long lasting protection against corrosion and wear at extreme pressure
  • Strong resistance to (salt) water washout and spray-off
  • Resists dirt, dust and other contamination
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Excellent dry run characteristics

Product Application Areas
Clearly an excellent c hoice for the lubrication and protection of components operating in harsh environments. For the lubrication of chains, cables, conveyors, wire ropes, spindles, chain sprockets, pins, bushings, plates, rollers and link plates, presses, tackles, cranes, drying ovens, veneer presses, planer machines, racks, pinion gears and much more.

Interflon Lube EP+ or Interflon Food Lube G is highly recommended for applications with loads exceeding 25 kg/mm².