Interflon Rotalube Front Chain 3 D 280619 EN

Lubrication tools

Unique chain lubrication solution

Rotalube LC

Unique chain lubrication solution for standard roller chain in 6 different sizes, simplex and duplex. Remote dosing of chain lubrication using a spray can or central lubrication system. During production the safest solution to lubricate chains that are hard to reach due to covers or safety fences.

Suitable for 6 sizes of roller chain BS/ISO and ANSI (EU and USA). Extendable to multiple lubrication points by central lubrication system. Can also be customised for duplex and simplex chains. Optional: version for food with blue gears.


  • Safe working conditions
  • Extends the service life of chains
  • Minimal use of oil
  • Less downtime
  • Lower energy use thanks to optimal lubrication
  • Lubrication during production in areas that are difficult to access
  • Lubrication precisely where necessary
  • Also suitable for cleaning chains with air
  • Complete set can be installed immediately
  • Lubrication using a spray can
  • Expandable to a central lubrication system

Article numbers and chain sizes

  • 7319, Inch 3/8”/ USA ASA35 / BS 06B1
  • 7315, Inch 1/2”/ USA ASA40 / BS 08B1
  • 7320, Inch 5/8”/ USA ASA50 / BS 10B1
  • 7318, Inch 3/4”/ USA ASA60 / BS 12B1
  • 7316, Inch 1”/ USA ASA80 / BS 16B1
  • 7317, Inch 1.1/4”/ USA ASA100 / BS 20B1