PI 2021 Interflon Bio Weld 15 packaging


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Human and environment friendly welding anti-spatter spray

Bio Weld 15+

Biodegradable, silicone and chlorine-free anti-spatter spray. Prevents welding spatter from adhering to work piece surfaces, tools and welding torches/jets. Water-based, ready-to-use, non-flammable, only small amounts required. Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces. Does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC).


  • Prevents the adhesion of weld beads when welding or laser cutting
  • Can be applied on work pieces and blowpipes/welding heads
  • Can be safely deployed at every welding station
  • Has no negative effects on the welding
  • Extends the cleaning intervals of welding heads
  • Suitable for the spray systems of welding machines
  • Has a cleaning effect

Suitable for gas-shielded and electrical welding, as well as for all applications where silicone-free anti-spatter sprays are needed or prescribed. Simultaneously cleans and protects against corrosion. Also suitable for use on welding jets, as well as automatic welding machines with continuous spray devices. Lengthens the cleaning intervals of the jets. Safe to use. Non-flammable. Does not have any negative effects on the welding seam.

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