PI 2021 Interflon Bio Weld 15 packaging


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User and environmentally friendly anti spatter

Bio Weld 15+

Quickly biodegradable, silicone and chlorine-free anti-spatter spray. Prevents welding spatter from adhering to workpiece surfaces, tools and welding torches/jets. Do not use on aluminum.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Prevents the adhesion of weld beads
  • Reduces processing costs
  • Water-based and free of silicones and chlorine
  • No VOC, therefore safe for people and the environment
  • Free of oils that might produce toxic fumes during welding
  • Quickly biodegradable
  • Spray can without propellants, therefore no explosion risk
  • Suitable for use in the food and pharmaceuticals industry (NSF-A1)
  • Replaces all hazardous aerosol sprays

Product Application Areas
For professional welders in the construction of machines, systems, containers, shipbuilding, power stations and the metal sector. For use with MIG/MAG, TIG, electrode hand welding on steel and stainless steel. Also suitable for cutting work where the adhesion of spatter is not desirable.