Save costs with structured lubrication management

Lubrication management software

Do you have your lubrication maintenance secured in a plan? If not, are audits also for you then getting increasingly more difficult? If you do have a plan, is it just on paper or in Excel, risking it is not always up-to-date or can even get lost? Or are you using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which is more focused on financials and general workorders than on managing your daily lubrication tasks?

If you want to secure your lubricants selection, justification, interval and lubrication tasks, Interflon offers you a very user-friendly lubrication management system: Interflon Lubrication And Control (ILAC), developed for and by lubrication engineers. Interflon will pre-load ILAC with all lubrication points, lubricants, lubrication intervals, lubrication work orders and logical lubrication routes. These are supplemented with photos of your machine, machine parts, and lubrication maintenance points. This is to get an even clearer picture of where the lubrication maintenance points are located. This way you are able to start at day one to easily perform, improve and secure your lubrication tasks. Lubrication related production losses and high maintenance costs are a thing of the past. With ILAC pro on your mobile device - tablet or smartphone etc - the standard paperwork can be eliminated.

Improve your maintenance process

Increase reliability and availability, reduce maintenance costs. ILAC lubrication software fits perfectly with a process-oriented organization. Whether it is Lean Manufacturing or TPM. ILAC is a powerful tool for implementing your improvement process.

Your customized lubrication plan
With ILAC you get access to your customized lubrication plan. Overall Equipment Efficiency is made possible by cost-saving lubricants combined with ILAC as a powerful tool for managing your operational maintenance and lubrication activities. What exactly can you use ILAC for?

  • Documenting lubrication work
  • Automate your lubrication activities
  • Effective planning and management
  • Rationalizing the number of lubricants
  • Determining the most suitable lubricant per lubrication point
  • Registration of deviations from machines
  • Reporting of disruptions and timesheets
  • Clear recording of all lubrication points supported by images of your application
  • User-friendly engineer mode for quick and easy processing of lubrication maintenance tasks in the field

With ILAC you have control over your machinery. Instead of reactive maintenance you can perform preventive maintenance and ultimately you will increasingly be involved in making the critical control points at machine level manageable.

Interflon lubrication and control lubrication management software

Efficient approach
Effective inventory of all your lubrication points requires the necessary knowledge and experience. Interflon Lubrication Consultants have extensive lubricants and application knowledge and assist you in the implementation of ILAC. In close cooperation with a technician from your company, they map the entire machine park with all lubrication points. In this way an efficient approach to lubrication and first line maintenance is realized.

ILAC also enables you to enter all non-lubrication tasks, such as calibration, inspections, repetitive maintenance tasks, audits and cleaning activities. In addition the ILAC Data export service provides you with data from your ILAC on a scheduled basis. You can use the exported data for integration with other Computerized Maintenance Management Systems like SAP PM and IBM Maximo.

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