Prevent failures and reduce maintenance

Importance of good lubricants

You want to prevent failures and keep maintenance to a minimum. Interflon's lubricants have proven themselves in the most adverse and demanding environments. Our unique, innovative MicPol® technology make your machines last longer.

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Keep your machines running!

Lubricants reduce friction and prevent premature wear of your machinery. Good lubricants ensure less maintenance, less energy consumption, an increase in your production and a longer life span of your assets.


As well as extending the life of your machinery, using the proper lubricants will offer you even more benefits. Less friction means less energy consumption, which in turn leads to lower CO2 emissions. Lubricants can reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 10%.

Food-grade lubricants

Interflon's innovative food-grade lubricants are NSF H1-certified and hence optimally suited to the food industry.

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