How Interflon contributes to less down-time

Manufacturers of beverages face significant challenges, including stringent government regulations, harsh working conditions and complex equipment that can be difficult to maintain. Component failure has to be avoided at any cost.

Every piece of equipment between the front door and the back door, is connected by a system of conveyors, belts, fasteners etc. Maintaining the highly automated equipment is key to avoid costly down-time, but the need for heightened cleanliness creates a wet environment and wreaks havoc on processing machinery.

Some applications in the Beverage industry

Gripper cylinders on PET bottle labelling machines

Gripper arms for the labels must function perfectly so that the labels are applied in the correct position. Conventional lubricants gum up or do not provide sufficient lubrication due to the harsh working environment and can lead to production outages.

Interflon Food Lube (NSF-H1) provides a minimal and dry MicPol® lubrication film on the gripper cylinders and does not gum up. It repels water and stands much longer than a conventional oil film.

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Interflon lubrication of gripper machines
Interflon lubrication of blow mouldings

Automatic lubrication Stretch blow moulding machine

Conventional food grade greases, at the speed these blow moulding machines operate with, are swept off and contaminate the machine and the plexiglass panels and doors. Therefore production has to be stopped more than desired to clean and relubricate them again.

Interflon Food Grease 1 (NSF-H1) with MicPol® adheres much better than conventional greases, using less quantity and is not swept off, keeping the machines and plexiglass panels clean. No need to clean and relubricate that often, creating uptime and reducing grease consumption.

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Chains on palletizers

These chains have to be well lubricated because of the heavy loads, but are often very dirty because (wood-) dust sticks to the 'wet' conventional lubricants used creating an abrasive paste. There is always a risk this drips onto the clean packed products. Clients can reject them.

Interflon Food Lube G (NSF-H1) provides a dry MicPol® lubrication film on the chains. Dust no long adheres and there is no risk of dripping onto the finished products anymore. Penetrates in the pins and bushing of the chain minimizing elongation of the chain. Lubrication intervals can be extended dramatically because the MicPol® film lasts longer.

Before applying, it's important to clean the chains with Interflon Degreaser EM30+ or Interflon Eco Degreaser and blow them dry with compressed air.

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Interflon paletizer chain lubrication