For a longer life of your machines


Interflon offers you a complete range of high-grade industrial lubricants enriched with our MicPol® technology. This revolutionary technology has been developed by our own team of scientists and is constantly evolving. Simply put, this technology enhances and improves the lubricant's original properties. We offer NSF-certified food-grade lubricants especially for the food and beverage industry.

Interflon lubrication solutions

The importance of lubrication

Machine malfunctions or frequent maintenance of your assets lead to costs and loss of production. With our lubricants, you significantly reduce friction in your machinery. That results in less maintenance, increased production, a longer life of your production assets, and lower energy consumption. Interflon lubricants are reliable and perform optimally in unfavourable and demanding environments. We reframe technical maintenance and make sure your machines keep running!

Less wear
Interflon lubricants help you prevent premature wear of your machines. Our unique MicPol® technology creates an impermeable film layer over microscopic indentations in metal surfaces. Less friction results in an increase in the overall effectiveness of your machines.

Reduced CO2 emissions
Less friction means lower energy consumption. And that, in turn, results in lower CO2 emissions. Interflon lubricants reduce friction and help you reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 10%!

Cost savings
The innovative MicPol® technology ensures that our lubricants adhere to the surface up to 10 times longer than other lubricants. This means you are assured of less maintenance, higher production and overall cost savings.

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Benefits of Interflon lubricants

Interflon lubricants with MicPol® ensure the least possible friction, less wear of your machines, lower costs, and less CO2 emissions. Interflon lubricants adhere up to 10 times longer to the surface than other lubricants. This protects machines better against water and soilage and prevents premature wear.

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Our types of lubricants

Interflon offers an extensive range of lubricants:

Lubricating oils
Lubricating oils reduce friction. As a result, machine parts wear or deform less quickly. Interflon has hydraulic oil, lubricating oil for pneumatic tools, lubricating oil for drives and lubricating oil sprays.

Grease prevents premature wear of machines by reducing friction. Interflon offers non-food-grade grease, food-grade grease and multi-purpose grease.

Food-grade lubricants
Interflon's innovative food-grade lubricants are NSF-certified and, as such, optimally suited for application in the food industry.

Lubricants for any industry

Interflon's lubricants work best in difficult conditions, We work for a wide range of industries. Even where sand, dust, high-pressure cleaning and dirt are used, our lubricants ensure less friction and less wear. We also offer food-grade lubricants for the food and beverage industries.

Professional lubrication advice

Each sector has its own characteristics and challenges in terms of maintenance of machinery and each sector has different requirements for lubricants. As a specialist in this field, Interflon offers you professional and customised lubrication advice. Naturally, we can also provide a demonstration on location so that you can experience the benefits of our high-quality and innovative lubricants for yourself.

Reasons to opt for Interflon lubricants with MicPol®:

  • Less wear, which means less maintenance and lower costs
  • Longer machine life
  • Less lubricant use
  • Higher production capacity
  • Reduced CO2 emissions