Properties of grease

Grease consists of a base oil. This base is supplemented with additives and a thickener. The additives determine the properties and application of the grease. Whether the grease can withstand heat, for example, or is suitable for the food industry. More and more greases are biodegradable.

Interflon the properties of grease

What does grease do?

Grease forms a film between rolling and sliding surfaces, thus preventing metal-to-metal contact and excessive wear, also under great strain.

Types of grease

There are various types of grease. All our greases are made with MicPol®: the unique and innovative Interflon technology that protects machines and parts even better. Interflon offers non-food-grade grease, food-grade grease and multipurpose grease.

Food-grade greases

A large proportion of the Interflon greases have NSF H1 certification, allowing you to use these greases in a food-safe manner in the food and beverage sector.

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