For a longer life of your machines


Prevent premature wear and prolong the life of your machines. Interflon's lubricants with the unique MicPol ® technology reduce friction much better than ordinary petrochemical lubricants. This reduces the wear and tear on your machines, your need for lubricants, maintenance and unplanned downtime. You will increase the output of your plant and benefit from lower maintenance, replacement and energy costs.

Interflon lubricants

Tell us about your challenge

Interflon's lubricants work best in difficult conditions, whichever industry you work in. Each sector has its own characteristics and challenges in terms of maintenance of machinery and has different requirements for lubricants.

Interflon offers you professional, specialist bespoke lubrication advice. Please contact us for a no-obligation introduction or demonstration on location and experience the benefits of our high-quality and innovative lubricants for yourself.

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