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Food grade products

The food and drinks industry applies stringent rules to safeguard food safety for consumers. Our innovative food-grade lubricants and cleaners are NSF-certified and, as such, optimally suited for application in the food industry. With Interflon food-grade lubricants and cleaners, you meet all stringent rules and you do not have to worry about anything.

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Interflon food safe products for your food processing and beverage plants

Food-grade lubricants and cleaners to meet all your challenges

Interflon food-grade lubricants and cleaners are specially developed for the challenging working conditions of food processing plants and beverage factories. They can withstand daily cleaning with pressure washers, hot water and aggressive chemicals, etc. Our food-grade lubricants and cleaners are NSF-certified. Use of Interflon food-grade lubricants and cleaners in the production of foodstuffs guarantees safe operations. They also help you to minimise downtime and increase the reliability of your machines. More than 20.000 food manufacturers work with Interflon products to their full satisfaction.

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Our food-grade lubricants meet the stringent health and safety requirements of organisations such as NSF, HACCP, BRC and IFC and they are kosher- and halal-certified. As such, our products are suitable for any target group. The documents and certificates that are important to you are always up to date and can be viewed online 24/7.

Interflon is ISO 9001- and ISO 21469-certified. We monitor and guarantee the quality of our production process. In addition, we produce hygienically so that contamination of our food-grade lubricants and cleaners is excluded. You can count on safe products of the best possible quality.

Advice on food-grade lubricants

Interflon provides maximum support in reframing maintenance. We will be pleased to advise you on the best food-grade lubricants and cleaners that will help you minimise machine downtime. Our products lower your maintenance and energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Reasons to opt for Interflon food-grade lubricants and cleaners:

  • Suitable for use in a food processing environment
  • Minimal machine downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Safer business operations
  • Lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • ISO- and NSF-certified
  • Kosher- and halal-certified

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