Ultimate solution for dosing

Lubrication tools

Interflon offers innovative hardware solutions to support your maintenance team in dosing, extending lubrication intervals, increasing safety, ultimately to reduce wear, downtime and emissions to a bare minimum.

The way you apply our products can be done in many ways. It has been found that by using handy hardware devices, the use of lubricants and cleaners can be smarter, more effective and more efficient. Whether you are greasing a new bearing with a brush or even a finger, using our handy tube dispenser makes a big difference. By using a hardware device, the lubricant comes out clean, very focused and in the right amount.

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When you connect the grease gun to the grease nipple, most likely half of the lubricant is going next of the grease nipple instead of into the lubrication point. You can easily solve this with the Interflon G-Coupler as an intermediate piece. When your employees dilute your all-round cleaner by themselves, this often causes problems. When you use our handy Eco Dispenser, this is done in the right mix and without spilling.

And so for other applications there are many other proven solutions that make lubrication cleaner, more effective and more efficient. All with the quality that you can expect from Interflon.

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