Our products and processes meet the highest quality requirements

Certifications and sustainability

Interflon possesses various certifications. The certifications prove that our products and processes meet the highest quality requirements, are reliable and meet the most demanding expectations. Independent institutions continuously test our work so that you are always assured of excellent quality.

ISO certifications
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 21469 certified. The ISO 9001 means that quality in our entire manufacturing process is constantly monitored and assured. It is the best possible assurance of our capability to honor all our commitments to you. The NSF ISO 21469 certification indicates that our products are being manufactured through a hygienic process to avoid risks for contamination.

Additional certifications
Additional certifications we possesses are the NSF H1 registration, Kosher and Halal certificate. An H1 lubricant is intended for use in applications where there is potential for incidental food contact. The Kosher and Halal certifications we received for our entire selection Food-Grade product portfolio.

Many Interflon products contribute to a lower ecological footprint. Consider existing biodegradable and food approved (H1) products. The useful life of our products leads to lower energy consumption, energy saving and extended machine life. We are fully committed to measuring and improving our environmental performance. Our long-term aim now is to enhance the sustainability of the company and that of our suppliers, customers and the wider community.

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