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Lower operational costs and energy savings are a fact

Frans Rijpers - Lubrication technician

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Thanks to Interflon we have extended the lubrication intervals

Pieter Vanackere - Head responsible Van-O-Bel NV

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Time required for maintenance is greatly reduced

Neil Denton - S&C Reliability and Track Maintenance Engineer


What customers say about Interflon


Neil Denton

Network Rail

Thanks to the right advice and use of Interflon products, the time required for maintenance at Network Rail is greatly reduced whilst the asset performance has been significantly improved.

The results are impressive. With Interflon, a marked improvement on switch throw and detection time, reduced OPEX costs to maintain the assets, spending less time on track. MicPol reduces friction and energy when throwing a switch by as much as 50%.

Van obel

Pieter Vanackere


Thanks to Interflon we have extended the lubrication intervals. We have one type of lubricating oil and one type of lubricating grease. It hardly drips off and is therefore a clean lubricant. It ensures efficient management of our machinery and guarantees stability and continuity.


Frans Rijpers

Leader in paper-based packaging

When using Interflon maintenance products, lubrication intervals are extended, the life of machine parts is increased and operating temperatures are reduced. In addition, it prevents machines from getting dirty and the quality of lubrications is maintained. This leads to lower operational costs, safer working conditions and greater energy efficiency.