Vid 2x How Interflon supports Network Rail to maintain more than 320000 km of track
Interflon for railway maintenance

Rail operators looking to improve reliability, better and safer maintenance practices, better fatigued component inspection, increased life of the fixed assets and reduce OPEX operational costs, lubrication is part of the answer. Rail operators spend billions annually to maintain and improve their infrastructure in all-weather climates. In addition, on time train journeys are very important to avoid financial penalties, delays whilst satisfying traveling passengers.

Interflon offers you revolutionary lubrication and coatings solutions that ensure a reliable operation of rail rollingstock and infrastructure, whilst reducing operational costs thanks to extended maintenance relubrication intervals and reduced wear. This is also possible with a reduced inventory of specially developed all season products for all applications in all weathers. Our lubrication solutions meet your needs for light rail and metro, passenger and freight transport and high-speed rail travel. Thousands of rail networks and rolling stock worldwide operate more reliably and efficiently thanks to Interflon. We have become the collaborating partner to satisfied customers in the Railway industry all over the world.

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