Interflon Rotalube EP

Lubrication tools

Unique automatic chain lubrication system

Rotalube EP

Interflon Rotalube Engineered Product (EP) is a custom-designed solution for the extremely precise lubrication of all types of roller chains.

Besides the standard applications, Interflon Rotalube also offers extensive options for the lubrication of special chains in exceptional circumstances. For example, chains with built-on accessories, fast-running chains, chains in very warm environments, chains in the food industry, very heavy chains, etc. Ask about all the possible options.


  • Safe working conditions
  • Automatic lubrication during production in areasthat are difficult to access
  • Quieter chain motion
  • Significantly extends the service life of chains
  • Minimal use of oil
  • Reduces energy use thanks to optimallubrication
  • Lubrication precisely where necessary
  • Less downtime
  • Custom-made
  • Cost-saving
  • Also possible to clean chains by means of air
  • Can be expanded to multiple lubrication points
  • Can be programmed using inbuilt timer in thepump or using a PLC
  • Requires minimal maintenance