Interflon is celebrating its 40th anniversary

Decades of experience

The success story of Interflon started with a small office and laboratory in Bergschenhoek. This year, Interflon is celebrating its 40th anniversary and looking back on the milestones of the past decades, as well as into the future.

Interflon Milestones

In 1980 Wim Horsmans founded Interflon. Five years later, new production and office facilities were a fact. Wim Horsmans invented the MicPol® technology, which makes our Interflon products stand out from others. Since 1997 Interflon Head Quarters have been located in Roosendaal. Today, the company is active in over 50 countries. Since 2016 Frederic Mus has been the CEO of Interflon Group.

Last February Interflon Head Office expanded to the building next door (4.500 m²). All our warehouse activities have been centralized and our production facility has been increased (15.000 m² field). Interflon Holland, our sales organisation in the Netherlands, is located in the same building since then. Our R&D department and production facility have remained in the former Head Office building.

We are very pleased to service our customers all over the world, to help them to reduce their overall maintenance costs with sometimes even 50% and to realize our growth.