PI Interflon Chain Pitch Gauge

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Handy tool to instantly determine the pitch of a roller chain

Chain Pitch Gauge

This unique, handy tool from Interflon helps identify the unknown roller chain sizes on your machinery and equipment. Designed to help determine the size quickly to make selecting the correct Interflon Rotalube easy. The Interflon Chain Pitch Gauge is made of stainless steel and suitable for simplex, duplex and triplex roller chains. This simple, time-saving tool is easy to use by anyone in any industry.


  • Handy tool for selecting an Interflon Rotalube where the roller chain size is unknown
  • Determine the size of a roller chain immediately
  • For the six most common roller chain sizes
  • Simple and timesaving
  • Usable for everyone in every industry
  • Unique and only Interflon!
  • Sustainable stainless-steel product


  • All industries
  • For most common roller chains
  • Can be used for simplex duplex and triplex roller chains
  • For Inch, ANSI and British standard roller chain size indication

Article number:

Interflon Chain Pitch Gauge: 7545