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PI 2021 Interflon Eco Degreaser


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Human and environmentally friendly Degreaser and Cleaner

Eco Degreaser

Industrial strength “ready to use” degreaser with F-Active Technology that degrades organic matter ensuring strong cleaning properties. Allows effective cleaning and degreasing of a wide range of surfaces quickly, easily and efficiently. European Eco-label and Halal certification and suitable for the food industry.

Contains unique, active substances for quickly and effectively removing contamination, such as grease residue, used oil, hydrocarbons, graphite, ink, tar, polymers, polystyrene, glue, wax and bitumen.

Interflon Eco Degreaser is listed by the NSF for use in the food industry as a general cleaner (NSF-A1) with registration number 153150.

Properties and advantages

  • Ready to use
  • Does not attack paint
  • Non-flammable
  • Exempt from hazardous labeling
  • No storage or transportation restrictions
  • Sustainable - European Eco-Label
  • Halal certification

Examples of applications
Allows effective degreasing and cleaning of all types of machine parts, utensils and small (painted) surfaces quickly, safely and efficiently. Daily cleaning ad degreasing of surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic, glass, marble, ceramic and textiles. Cleaning of tools and surfaces with organic dirt, especially contamination in the food industry. Suitable for cleaning programs under HACCP systems.