Interflon | Interflon Double MP

Save money with coordinated maintenance

Interflon Double MP

Interflon Double MP (Machine by Machine - Point by Point) is an analysis of your equipment by one of our specialized lubrication and maintenance technicians. The technician will analyze all your machines, point by point. After obtaining the data, Interflon's technical team develops the lubrication plan, which defines the ideal lubricant, the most suitable lubrication frequency, the necessary PPE, as well as application advice, to ensure correct preventive maintenance.

This lubrication plan is designed so that both internal and external operators can understand the plan and can easily follow their maintenance and/or lubrication tasks.

To ensure that the lubrication plan is implemented correctly, we train maintenance operators (including external ones), have a follow-up every 15 days and a monthly audit of the Interflon Double MP during the first two months.

Increase in productivity

When Interflon Double MP is applied correctly, you have a greater control and safety of the condition of the machines, resulting in lower energy consumption and maintenance cost savings, as well as avoiding errors such as over-lubrication or incorrect applications. This leads to an increase in productivity.

By contracting Interflon Double MP you can obtain the following advantages:

  • Control of all lubrication points
  • Control of lubrication frequencies
  • Control over the products that needs to be applied
  • Colour-coded identification control
  • Identification control by adhesive labels
  • Elaboration of lubrication routes
  • Moving from corrective to preventive maintenance
  • Compatibility with other maintenance software