Interflon | Multi-purpose lubricating grease

Multi-purpose lubricating grease

The premium multi-purpose greases from Interflon - enriched with MicPol® - are universally applicable. They are suitable for the lubrication of all mechanical machine components, vehicles and more. By lubricating your machines and machine components properly, you provide your machines with better protection. You extend maintenance intervals, prolong life and increase output. You also save on maintenance and replacement.

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Special grease enriched with MicPol®

Interflon universal greases are enriched with innovative MicPol® technology. MicPol® ensures significantly lower friction between moving machine parts, longer life, lower grease consumption and longer lubricating intervals.

Universal lubricating grease

Interflon multi-purpose grease provides long-term protection against corrosion and wear of machine components. Our universal greases have been developed to maintain machines in various conditions. Universally applicable so that all of your machines continue to run properly.

With Interflon universal grease, you can prolong the life of your machines by years. Maintenance is reduced because your machines have been excellently lubricated. Interflon greases force energy and lubricant consumption down. You increase the yield of your production process, because your machines achieve increased yield and there is less unscheduled downtime. You will save time and money.

Benefits of multi-purpose grease

Machine components must be regularly lubricated using the correct lubricant. With an Interflon multi-purpose grease, you can be sure of:

  • Optimum lubrication for various applications
  • Significant, lasting reduction in friction and wear
  • Less downtime, more output
  • Inhibition of rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • Extended life and lubrication intervals
  • Lower costs of maintenance, energy and lubricant consumption

Universal grease for numerous lubrication applications

Our universal greases are for a wide range of lubrication applications in machines and moving machine components, such as bearings, (open) gearboxes, chains, runners, fans, axles and more.

You have the choice of:

Interflon Food Grease MP2 with a very high temperature range

Interflon Grease MP00 for lifelong lubrication

Interflon Grease MP1 for lifelong lubrication for heavy load

Interflon Grease MP2/3 for multiple applications

Interflon Bio Grease MP2 with outstanding water-resistance

Are you looking for a multi-purpose grease? Our specialists will be happy to help you. Cost savings and increased output begin today at Interflon.