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PI 2021 Interflon Power Wipes pot


Cleaning towels saturated with heavy-duty cleaning solution

Power Wipes

Strong, industrial quality cleaning towels saturated with a powerful heavy-duty cleaning solution. Convenient and easy to use for cleaning tools, work area, machine parts, equipment and many other surfaces. Removes graffiti too. Meets and exceeds all regulatory guidelines of the NSF Class A1. Effectively dissolves grime, grease, oil, ink, tar, toner, paint, brake dust, soot, felt-tip stains, resin, glues, grass stains, smoke odors and much more. Invaluable when working at an offsite location.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Large, strong towels with powerful cleaning effect
  • Major filth absorption capacity
  • Easy and cheap to use
  • Does not fluff
  • Barely leaves any residue
  • Will remain damp for several hours for repeated use
  • Pleasant smell
  • 90 towels in a resealable container so the cloths do not dry out

Product Application Areas
Cleaning tools, machine parts and the operating environment during (dis)assembly and repair of machigraffiti, nes, engines etc. Degreasing operating panels of machines, and other objects, cranes, lorry cabins, (grass) mowers, salvaging vehicles etc. Removing ink, stamp-pad ink, marker, toner, graffiti and lubricants from cutting tables, transportation systems and printing machines.