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Performance reliability in busy seasons is vital

Many good things come from our lands, but however the environment is very hostile to agricultural machinery. Crop moisture, sand, water, dust and fertilisers are 'enemies' for machine components like chains, bearings, hydraulic cylinders and PTO points.

Conventional lubricants do initially protect them, but at the end accelerate the process of wear and tear because they attract or do not withstand all the 'enemies' resulting in high replacement costs and down-time. Interflon's MicPol® technology is used by farmers world wide to lubricate and protect essential components of a wide range of machines.

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Some applications in Agriculture

Tractor PTO cardan shafts now last for 6 years

Dust, water, sand and fertilisers in combination with heavy (shock-) loads make the cardan shafts suffer and despite daily lubrication normally don't last more than 1 to 2 years. Conventional greases attract dust and sand and are washed off very quickly by water and the fertilisers used.

Interflon Grease HD2 is a new generation grease with MicPol® technology that repels dust and sand and resists water and chemical agents. Lubrication intervals can be extended by a factor of 2 to 4 and most of the cardan shafts now last for 6 years.

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Cardan shaft
Chain harvester

Combine Harvester chain lubrication

Dust and sand stick to the used 'wet' conventional lubricants and create an abrassive paste resulting in premature wear. The humid environment and water exposure provokes corrosion, despite of frequent lubrication.

Interflon Food Lube G aerosol penetrates into the pins and leaves a dry MicPol® lubrication film that avoids dust and sand stick to the convential wet lubricants. MicPol® also repels water and protects it against corrosion, extending the service-life of the chains by at least 5x! Last but not least, the long lasting MicPol® film allows farmers to extend their lubrication intervals by a factor of 5.

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