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Unique, cost effective, oil dispensing system

Oil Dispenser

The Interflon Oil Dispenser is the ideal solution for use with Interflon Rotalube applicators where lubrication with aerosols is not wanted, and a centralized lubrication system is not cost effective.

In combination with Interflon quality oils and Interflon Rotalube chain lubricators it is the perfect setup to lubricate inaccessible chains effectively whilst minimising the amount of oil applied, ensuring the best performance, and extending the life of your chains. In case an Interflon Rotalube is not possible to install, a brush can be connected to the Interflon Oil Dispenser as well.

Extremely versatile and fully adjustable. Precision divider block for fine tuning the flow of oil and air to the points of application. Thereby minimising oil and air consumption.

Activated manually or via a PLC the Interflon Oil Dispenser is standard suitable for one or two lubrication points, on request more lubrication points are possible by adding divider blocks.

One and two Outlet
M Manual operated and PLCPLC controlled operated


  • Low air and low oil consumption
  • No maintenance
  • PLC or manual operated
  • Minimal oil fog
  • Suitable for LC and EP applicators
  • Easy installation
  • Precise adjustment possible for oil up to 320cSt
  • Safe lubrication
  • Lubricate inaccessible chains/point during production
  • Low pressure (operating pressure is ± 2 bar)
  • Lubrication by Interflon Rotalube or brush

Article number:
7263 Interflon Oil Dispenser M1 Manual operated oil dispenser
7264 Interflon Oil Dispenser M2 Manual operated oil dispenser
7265 Interflon Oil Dispenser PLC1 PLC operated oil dispenser
7266 Interflon Oil Dispenser PLC2 PLC operated oil dispenser
7268 Interflon Divider Block one outlet (Accessoires)
7267 Interflon Divider block two outlets (Accessoires)