PI Interflon Clean Special


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Powerful acid cleaner for use in workshop and industry

Clean Special

Readily biodegradable, water soluble acid cleaner concentrate with a pH value of 0.5 (in concentrated form). Specially developed to remove inorganic substances such as scale, cinders, rust, etc. Meets and exceeds all regulatory guidelines of the NSF Class A3.

Application examples
Fittings in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, saunas, sports centres, etc. often become coated with scale deposits. Cleaning or replacement is often very costly. Heating elements in boilers in areas with hard water become coated with scale deposits very quickly. This causes problems ranging from higher energy consumption to destruction of the boiler. Scale deposits on tiles, urinals and surfaces look unsightly. Fungi and other contaminants adhere to it.

Cement and concrete stains on floors, equipment and machines are often very difficult to remove. Heavy deposits can often only be removed mechanically. In kitchens and restaurants, scale deposits are found in coffee machines, metal surfaces, floors, glass and fittings. In metalworking, aluminium is treated with acid cleaner to remove oxid layers in preparation for welding.

Properties and advantages

  • Reliably removes inorganic soiling such as scale, soot, phosphates, etc.
  • Economical to use
  • Universally usable for metals, ceramics, glass, etc.
  • Complies with the European Detergent Directive, which means it is readily biodegradable