Img Interflon Fin Gear Additive Tube


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For better Shifting, Low Noise and Less Fuel Consumption

Fin Gear Additive

High performance gearbox oil fortifier with MicPol®, designed for automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial applications. For the transmission of vehicles, trucks, busses, boats and all types of machinery and equipment.

Instantly improves the performance of your gearbox, final drives, gear drives and transmissions by reducing wear, oil temperature and transmission fluid breakdown. Helps curing transmission problems and prevents them from reoccurring.

With outstanding anti-leak features, improved anti-wear function with ingenious stick-slip reduction for reduced oil temperature and longer oil life.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Reduces friction, wear and noise
  • Maximizes oil and equipment life
  • Reduces oil leaks
  • Improves shifting
  • Increases engine performance
  • Increases engine performance, lowers replacement, repair and maintenance costs

Product Application Areas
Improve performance by adding 3-6% to oil in Gearbox, Final Drive, Manual Transmission, Differentials, PTO, Gear Box, Sequential Gearbox, Sequential Manual Transmission etc.

Heavy Industrial Use
For industrial use, check Interflon Finnoly T 251 our high performance oil additive for enclosed Gear Drives, that reduce wear, oil temperature and power consumption.