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Cable life extended with at least 4x

Wire rope David Morris Stacker crane

Initial situation

The wire rope would have to be changed every 18 monthes, due to wear and corrosion.

Our solution

After efficiently cleaning with Interflon Degreaser EM30+, two applications were done with Interflon Lube TF. This first one to let the lubricant penetrate into the wire rope and lubricate the core with a MicPol® film. The second application is to guarantee a 'seal' to protect it against corrosion and external wear. The customer also used Interflon Grease OG for guide plates, in order to prevent the metal surface from fatigue and flaking.


Since using Interflon Lube TF on the wire ropes since 5 years, there has been no wear and no replacement. The insurance engineer confirm the perfomance of the wire rope had greatly improved. Fin Lube TF also prevents the shrink-wrap sticking to the ropes.

The Interflon Grease OG on guide plates, remains in place and indeed prevents the metal surface from fatigue and flaking.

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