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Metal working

New generation cutting oil, less is more

Cutting or reviving metals means operating on a fine line between protecting the tools and assuring a good finishing on one hand and limiting the presence of oil vapours on the other hand.

Your tools suffer a lot due to continous metal-metal contact causing high friction, but also due to adhesion of metal particles to the tools. Both accelerating wear and tear, resulting in short life-times. When using conventional cutting oils or cooling emulsions, only high consumption can limit this negative process, but it creates dangerous vapours in the working area. Very harmful for the operators.

Some applications in Metal working

Lubricate and protect your discs or band saws to cut aluminum with a lot less cutting oil

Cutting aluminum is challenging, since its softer than the metal of the band saw or disc. Lubricating them is almost impossible due to the continous metal-metal contact. That's why a lot of cutting oil or cooling emulsion is used, creating dangerous vapours and bad smells. Aluminum particles stick to the teeth of the bands saw or disc and accelerate wear and create burrs on the finished product. High costs for sharpening the tools, cleaning the area and grinding the burrs.

With Interflon Lube PN32 you save up to 80% on oil consumption (using a spray-mist system), because the MicPol® film wears out much slower than a conventional oil film. No need for large quantities, so no more dripping or dangerous vapours in the working area. Since the teeth are better protected by the lower friction provided by our unique technology, their life-time is extended, sometimes by a factor 4! Alumimum particles don't stick to the anti-adherent MicPol® film, so no more burrs, saving grinding costs.

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