Overhead Line Electrification (OLE)

Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) is the name railway engineers give to the assembly of overhead structures such as masts, gantries, conductors found along electrified railways. Operationally, environmentally and from the perspective OLE is now the preferred means of powering trains throughout the world.

Some of the OLE is under tension such as conductors, and are subject to expansion and contraction due to temperature thus the height of the conductor is kept at the regulation height by the operation of counter balances.

Therefore, the lubrication of critical components such as the counter balances is important in order that they move freely thus keeping the conductor consistently at the same height above the track. Interflon have developed lubricants for; counter balance weights, equalising plates, pulley systems, isolation switches and support fittings. Interflon are offering a new anti-ice OLE solution: Interflon IceGuard with which you reduce train delays, corrective maintenance, cable breaks and also increase the reliability of your rail network.