PI 2021 Interflon Eco EM100 packaging



Human and environmentally friendly cleaner with F-Active technology

Eco EM100+

An extremely powerful cleaner with no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Ideal for places where a reduction in the emission of volatile solvents is required. Exempt from regulations with respect to ATEX and ADR.

Interflon Eco EM100+ contains unique, active substances for quickly and efficiently removing contamination, such as grease residue, graphite, ink, tar, polymers, polystyrene, glue, wax and bitumen.

After cleaning Eco EM100+ leaves behind an anti-corrosion coating to protect against flash rust.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages:

  • Non-flammable cleaner
  • Composed with renewable basic components
  • Meets VOC and HACCP guidelines
  • Can be used in open or closed immersion systems and sinks
  • Powerful, very effective cleaner and degreaser
  • Very high flash point (162°C)
  • Protects against corrosion and flash rust
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Does not evaporate

Interflon Eco EM100+ is an extremely powerful cleaner and degreaser, with a very high flash point (162°C). Perfect substitute for cleaners with VOC, hazardous chemicals used in industry and by food processing companies (HACCP). Also meets other environmental and (fire) safety requirements, even in the case of accidental environmental leaks.


  • Machines
  • Engines
  • Chains
  • Gear Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Slide-ways
  • Machine Parts