Interfon Fin 25 Additive 100 ml 8004


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High performance engine oil additive with MicPol® technology

Fin 25 Additive

Engine oil additive containing Interflon’s MicPol® Technology. Suitable for enriching virtually all types of mineral and synthetic engine oils used in most engines operating on petrol, diesel, and gas (LPG).

Test show savings on fuel by up to 15,6% are possible
Simulations performed in accordance with EEC JO/220/EG at the University for Automotive Technology using Schenck test equipment, show that when using this additive, fuel consumption of 4 different engines consistently dropped by up to:

  • 15.6% on short distances (1 km)
  • 4.6% on average distances (5-10 km) - typical for city traffic
  • 2.5% on long distances (50-100 km)

Interflon Fin 25 forms an ultra thin lubrication film between moving parts helping reduce engine friction during start-up and operation. This in turn helps improve compression for more engine power, less wear, reduced engine noise, “stick-slip” and “blow by”. Fin 25 also improves the engine oil lubricity and helps reduce fuel consumption.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Longer oil change intervals
  • Improve engine performance
  • Cleansing effect
  • Easier start up
  • Reduces piston blow by

Product Application Areas
Formulated for use in virtually every automotive, marine, agricultural, construction and industrial vehicle, machinery and equipment equipped with diesel/gasoline, gas and petrol engines as well as piston compressors.