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Deep cleaning alkaline label-free cleaner with "1001" applications

Fin Clean All2

Versatile, highly alkaline, label-free deep cleaner with F-Active Technology for a wide range of applications. Highly concentrated, very effective and very economical to use (dilutable up to 1:200). Suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food & drink and other industries.

Interflon Fin Clean All2 is included in the list by the NSF for use in the food processing industry as a general cleaner (Cat. Code A1) with registration number 158201.

Outstanding features

  • Leaves no residue after rinsing
  • Economical in use
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains renewable raw materials
  • Supplied as a concentrate
  • Halal, kosher
  • Does not contain NTA, EDTA
  • No hazard pictograms (label-free)
  • Not ADR classified

Product Application Areas
Ideal universal cleaner for almost all applications, such as cleaning machines, floors and walls, etc., also in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Suitable for cleaning both the outside and inside of vehicles. Also suitable for removing transport wax.

How can our product contribute in the fight against the coronavirus?

A coronavirus is encapsulated by an oily lipid ‘envelope’ which carries proteins that the virus uses to infect cells.

The enzymes present in Fin Clean All² and are able, based on physical and chemical knowledge, to cut open this oily envelope.

This destroys the viral envelope, making the virus unable to infect a cell and therefore deactivating the virus.

However, it is a good idea using an anti-viral disinfectant AFTER cleaning to completely ensure disinfection of the surface, if needed.