PI 2021 INTERFLON FOOD GREASE HD000 packaging1


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Semi-liquid 'Low temperature' grease

Food Grease HD000

A semi-fluid EP grease designed to lubricate industrial gearboxes and machine parts with automatic grease and oil delivery systems. Specifically designed to meet low temperature requirements in the food industry. With the fluidity to flow like oil while having more "body" at operating temperature to provide considerably less friction.

Resists leaking through worn seals, often found in older gearboxes. Can help reduce power consumption in gearboxes and allows to safely extend existing oil change intervals.

Formulated with MicPol® Technology, which forms a durable lubrication film capable of reducing friction and wear much better than conventional oils and greases.

Interflon Food Grease HD000 is listed by the NSF for the use in applications with incidental food contact.


  • Excellent, long-lasting reduction of friction and wear
  • Can help reduce oil temperature and power consumption
  • Much longer lubricant life
  • Reduced gearbox leakage
  • Outstanding shear stability
  • High level of rust and corrosion protection
  • Reduced start-up torque at low temperatures
  • Suitable for gearboxes and machine parts running at extreme low temperatures


Applications include the lubrication of industrial gearboxes running at slow to moderately speed and machine parts such as bearings, chains and slides with automatic grease and oil delivery systems.