PI 2021 Interflon Food Grease HD2 Aerosol


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A state-of-the-art, heavy duty grease and corrosion inhibitor in one

Food Grease HD2 (aerosol)

Interflon Food Grease HD2 is a synthetic grease with good adhesion and lubrication properties. This grease ensures very low friction and is ideal for high pressure applications. It performs outstandingly in environments where water, steam, salt and rust complicate lubrication. It can be used under high temperatures up to 180°C, as well as being a solvent-free corrosion inhibitor.

Interflon Food Grease HD2 is NSF Category H1 accredited for use in the food industry and is compatible with Li, Ca and Li/Ca greases. Interflon Food Grease HD2; a single product that meets practically all your requirements.

Sound familiar?
Grease that attracts dirt or dust, that dries out because of oil leakage or that disintegrates through heat and damp? Poorly performing industrial grease results in costly damage and unnecessary machine downtime. Interflon Food Grease HD2 provides the solution.


  • Resistant to high pressurisation
  • Performs well in (salt) water, steam, dusty or hot conditions
  • Compatible with Li greases
  • High stability – for automatic lubrication systems
  • 3 x longer lubrication intervals
  • Emergency mode properties with MicPol®

Bearings, pistons, cables, chains and numerous other applications where high pressure, dusty and wet environments, steam and temperatures complicate (lubrication) technical maintenance. For example: deep-frying autoclaves, fishing industry, sea water, steam valves, agricultural machinery, food industry machinery, abattoirs/meat processing industry, cleaning equipment etc.