Interflon Food Grease S1 2 packaging1


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EPDM compatible synthetic grease for general lubrication and assembly of parts

Food Grease S1/2

High performance 100% synthetic multipurpose grease with MicPol® Technology. Suitable for the (automatic) lubrication of machinery at slow to medium speed, used in wet environments as seen in the food, beverage or pharmaceutical industry.

For providing outstanding, long-life protection against corrosion, oxidation and wear. Highly resistant to water for providing functionality where extended grease life is required or process water rules out the use of conventional lubricants. Also suitable as an assembly grease. Lowers the friction significantly during assembly of components.

Suitable for contact with EPDM rubbers. Contrary to other EPDM compatible lubricants Interflon Food Grease S1/2 does not contain silicone. Interflon Food Grease S1/2 is listed by the NSF for the use in applications with incidental food contact (NSF-H1) with registration number 158847.


  • Fully synthetic composition. Does not contain mineral oil.
  • Multi-purpose grease
  • Compatible with EPDM
  • Silicone free product
  • Excellent anti-corrosion protection
  • Resistant to water, steam and most cleaning agents

Formulated specially for lubrication of slow to moderate moving bearings, shafts, chains, slide ways and open gears with or without contact with EPDM.