Interflon Grease HD2 packaging1


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Next generation, heavy duty grease with MicPol® technology

Grease HD2

Adhesive, semi-synthetic grease with MicPol® technology. Suitable for extreme high load applications, dusty and wet environments and increased temperatures. Perfect as a solvent-free anti-corrosion agent.

A single lubricating grease suitable for almost all applications where factors such as high load, (salt) water, steam, dust, damp and temperature fluctuations that can affect optimal performance.

Distinctive Properties & Key Advantages:

  • Performs well in wet, dusty and hot environments (max. +160°C)
  • MicPol® and CaCO3 for emergency lubrication
  • Compatible with Li greases
  • Long term protection, preventing stick-slip and start-up wear
  • Very stable in auto-lube systems

A single grease suitable for nearly all applications. The grease does not bleed oil when under pressure or load. As such, it’s perfect for use in automatic lubrication systems and dusty environments. Interflon Grease HD2 outperforms all other conventional high performance grease and is compatible with Li, Ca and Li/Ca greases.


  • Bearings
  • Spindles
  • Pin and Bush Cables
  • Chains
  • Gear Racks
  • Open Transmissions
  • Pistons