Interflon Tube Dispenser Kit

Lubrication tools

One-hand operated precision tube dispenser kit for greases and pastes

Tube Dispenser Kit

High quality Tube Dispenser Kit for a clean and accurate controlled grease flow. To use in all environments where an exact measured amount of lubricant or paste is obliged. The multifunctional tool is suitable for all Interflon 150 ml tubes and for all greases in Interflon Lube Shuttle cartridges.

With interchangeable tips with a double function: Controlled lubrication with the precision nipple tip. Controlled lubrication of zerk grease nipples with the grease nipple tip. The ribbed surface makes it easy to screw on and off the tips.


  • Ergonomic hand grip allows maximum pressure with ease
  • Accurately control grease flow
  • Cost saving
  • Sustainable product
  • Multi-functional
  • Connection for M15x1,5 for 150 ml tubes
  • Connection 1” for Lube Shuttle cartridges
  • Fits in every toolbox


  • All industries
  • Suitable for all Interflon greases
  • Filling of new bearings
  • Lubricating grease nipples
  • Grease assembly
  • For hard-to-reach places
  • Interchangeable precision tip and zerk grease nipple tip

Article number:
Interflon Tube Dispenser Kit: 7407