Interflon | Bakery Conveyor Belt Drive Chains

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Rust and dust are chain killers. Interflon to the rescue!

Bakery Conveyor Belt Drive Chains

Initial Situation

The drive chains on the conveyor belt of this commercial bakery were displaying signs of oxidation (rust). The cause was the water on the bread trays, which washed away the lubricant that the client was currently using.

A secondary cause was spraying of the chains with water to clean them. Because this lubricant had no ability to withstand water or high-pressure spray, the chains had no protection from rust.

The environment here was typical of bakeries, with lots of flour dust and humidity.

Our Solution

For this bakery, we recommended Interflon Food Lube AL. This has many advantages. It can be automatically applied; it strongly resists water, even high-pressure (salt)water spray; it greatly extends lubrication intervals; and it is food-safe (NSF H1, kosher, halal).


  • Food-safe lubricant increases presentability of product to consumers
  • Chain life extended by at least 50%
  • Longer lubrication intervals mean savings on lubricants