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Savings of $30,000.00 over six months

Conveyor Chain in Bottling Plant

Initial Situation

This plant uses glass jars as packaging. They were experiencing high wear of their clip-on conveyor chain, which was a 1/2″ chain with guide blocks. They were using only water as a lubricant, which caused a great deal of corrosion, as well as constantly wet floors.

There were many thermal failures of the transmission due to high friction, which in turn was caused by the poor choice of water as a lubricant. New chains cost in excess of $30,000.00 for this particular line.

Our Solution

Interflon Food Lube AL is suited for automatic lubrication dispensers, such as Simalube products. It is rated NSF H1, kosher, and halal.

After switching to Food Lube AL, the life of the chain was extended by at least six months, to a total of 1.5 years. In addition, thermal failures ceased. There was a significant reduction in maintenance and repairs, and because the floor was no longer covered in water, employee happiness and comfort increased, and the potential for accidents decreased.


  • Total cost savings of $114,000.00 (chain replacement, other equipment, maintenance, production downtime)
  • Water consumption reduced by 117,000 cubic yards