Interflon | Lubricating Almost 3 Miles of Chain

Case studies


This company saves almost $80,000.00 per year after switching to Interflon products.

Lubricating Almost 3 Miles of Chain

Initial Situation

This poultry processing plant had 4,500 meters (2.79 miles) of transport chain in their facility. They were spending nearly $140,000 per year on lubricating it, including labor.

The environment included fluctuating temperatures, high humidity, and daily high-pressure water and chemical spray. These are circumstances that prove impossible for many lubricants to master. Interflon succeeds where other lubricants fail.

Our Solution

We recommended Interflon Food Lube G150 with MicPol® dispensed through an automatic lubrication system. This offers a great reduction in wear and chain elongation, as well as greatly lowered lubricant costs.


  • Chain life nearly doubled
  • $80,000 per year realized in savings on lubricant, chain replacement, labor costs, and downtime