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Interflon Metal Clean and Food Lube with MicPol Make Cleaning Pickers Fast and Easy

Stories from the Field

One of our Technical Advisors reports:

“I have a customer, a small turkey farm, who had very good experience with Metal Clean and Food Lube.

“They had issues with their pickers getting jammed up with turkey feathers. The cleanup used to take them hours, with at least a few guys on the job. The pickers are designed with rubber fingers mounted to a metal cylinder, and as the turkeys pass through, the machine picks the feathers off of the birds. The feathers kept on getting jammed underneath the base of the rubber fingers where they mount to the metal cylinder.

“After switching to Metal Clean and Food Lube, the maintenance supervisor said it only takes one guy about ½ hour to 45 minutes to do the cleanup/sanitation job on the pickers. They are also amazed at how clean their chains stay with Food Lube.”