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How to overcome the numerous lubrication challenges in this environment

Commercial Baking Equipment

The lubricants you choose will impact your bottom line… and the quality of your product.

Commercial bakeries use many pieces of equipment that rely on regular lubrication to work properly. Ovens and mixers all have chains, bearings, or gears that need lubing. But commercial bakeries have three major challenges when it comes to lubrication:

  1. Flour dust
  2. Humidity/moisture
  3. High temperatures

Let's examine each one of these issues.

Flour dust is a problem because it sticks to the lubricants commonly used on chains, bearings, gears, rollers, etc. When this happens, it forms an abrasive paste with the lubricant. This abrasive paste is a major problem, because it actually worsens wear. It acts almost like sandpaper on the pins and bushings in chains, on bearings, and everywhere else it occurs. If you work in a bakery, no doubt you've witnessed this.

Interflon Food Lube with MicPol® was made to deal with exactly this situation. Food Lube is a food-grade (H1, kosher, halal) spray lubricant that forms a clear, solid coat over surfaces. This coating has the lowest possible friction (just above that of wet ice) and it also refuses particle adhesion. That means Interflon provides you with the best lubrication on the market, and also helps your equipment last as long as possible before maintenance is needed.

Food Lube also repels water. Moisture cannot penetrate the protective layer it creates. Where there is no water, there can be no corrosion. Food Lube solves two problems in one.

Sound too good to be true? Interflon has been in business since 1980, saving businesses just like yours thousands per months in repair, replacement, and energy costs.

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What about the third problem: high temperatures? Interflon has a few possible solutions for this challenge.

Interflon Food Lube can be applied in temperatures up to 180 C (356 F).

Interflon Food Lube HT (NSF H1) is a special formulation of Food Lube that can be applied in temperatures up to 220 C (428 F).

Interflon Grease HTG (NSF H2) is a heavy duty grease for higher-temp applications. It can be applied up to 240 C (464 F).

Interflon HT1200 (NSF H1) is an assembly grease that is able to withstand up to 1200 C (over 2100 F). Apply it in areas that need to be regularly disassembled or removed. Replaces toxic copper paste, and comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can.

Don't see a product here that suits your needs? We can still help! Call us at (877) FIN-LUBE to ask how Interflon can bring more savings to your business.

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