Interflon | Fin Super on Seth's Bike Hacks

This bike guru loves Fin Super!

Fin Super on Seth's Bike Hacks

At over 1.1 million subscribers (and growing every day), Seth’s Bike Hacks is one of the most popular bike-related channels on YouTube. We reached out to Seth to ask him to test Fin Super and share his impression of it. We were sure he was going to love it… and we were right! In “11 Crazy Cheap MTB Upgrades”, Seth shows how great Fin Super is at keeping your chains clean and dry, and also talks about the importance of re-lubricating after giving your bike a good wash.

Don’t forget, Fin Super is great for bearings, pivots, and cables, too! Use it on your bike before a ride to keep things moving smoothly, and after a wash to disperse the moisture that will have collected in all those tiny, impossible-to-see spaces. Fin Super will even creep into sealed bearings, displacing water droplets and preventing rust from forming.

See for yourself what a great job Fin Super does of repelling dirt: