Interflon | Fin Super for Maintenance Technicians

9 ways Fin Super helps maintenance techs do their job better!

Fin Super for Maintenance Technicians

Fin Super is a multi-purpose tool-in-a-can. Thanks to MicPol, Interflon's advanced, game-changing lubrication technology, it lasts up to 10x longer than any traditional lubricant. Once dry, it forms a clear, solid layer of ultra-smooth lubrication that provides the lowest possible friction. It also repels water and dirt--unlike traditional sticky lubricants, which often collect dirt particles to form an abrasive paste.

Thanks to Fin Super's amazing creeping ability, it can penetrate anywhere... even into sealed bearings. Fin Super is not just a lubricant, but also a protective coating. It has been documented to lengthen the life span of equipment such as chains and bearings by up to eight times, offering huge savings on repair and replacement costs. It is, quite simply, revolutionary.

Fin Super can be used on anything that moves or needs protection from rust. It's dielectric, so it can be sprayed right onto electrical contacts. There's even a food-grade version for those who are employed in food or beverage production.

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Uses for Fin Super by Maintenance Technicians

1. Anything Rusty

Fin Super starts bonding to surfaces the moment you apply it. That means it will penetrate layers of rust and break them up for easier removal. Even the most rusted bolt or seized shaft will come free. Sure, other commonly-known sprays might do the same thing, but they are easily washed or worn off, and they make a mess. Fin Super lasts for a very long time, and it dries to a solid film quickly, which means no dripping, and no further particle adhesion.

How does Fin Super last so long? The answer is MicPol, our proprietary lubricant technology.

2. Chains

Spray Fin Super directly onto chains to reduce friction, keep them moving smoothly, and protect them from rust and wear. Fin Super creeps into pins and bushings to form a solid film that will prolong chain life more than you ever thought possible. Chains that are already rusted can be made to move freely again with one or two applications of Fin Super.

3. Vehicles

There are dozens of ways Fin Super can be used to help vehicles of all types move more smoothly. You can use it on door seals, cables, electrical connections, locks, hingest, safety belts, exhaust sensors, chains, and seat rails.

4. Mowers

Use Fin Super on axles to help keep grass from sticking and getting caught, and to reduce the amount of force required to move the mower forward. Apply it to the blade to help keep it sharper longer and to protect it from rust. Spraying the underside of the mower will help prevent grass and dirt adhesion and make it far easier to clean. Spraying it on the flywheel will make pulling easier. Apply Fin Super to cables, springs, and joints for easier operation of handles, throttles, etc.

5. Blades

Cutting blades of all types will stay sharper for far longer with an application of Fin Super. It reduces friction and wear so the edge can do its job better, and it protects from rust, too. Spinning blades will move faster and require less energy. All blades will need sharpening less often. Fin Super forms a solid film that reduces friction to the lowest coefficient possible and resists wear.

6. Rollers & Wheels

Annoying squeaks will disappear after one application of Fin Super, and will stay gone for far longer than with other products. Conveyor belts, wheels, rollers, and all other devices for moving items around a busy shop or factory will move far more smoothly and quietly after Fin Super is applied.

7. Bearings

Fin Super is so good at creeping that it can even penetrate sealed bearings. Got a bearing that's whining, creaking, or already frozen? Spray some Fin Super around the seal and wait a few minutes, then start it moving again. You'll be amazed at the results. Fin Super can even disperse water from inside bearings, and it breaks up rust internally, too. Excellent for any bearing applications that need to be sprayed down for sanitation purposes.

8. Locks, Handles, and Hinges

Locksmiths know that Fin Super definitely has a place in their toolkit. Just check out what Wayne Winton at Tri-County Locksmiths has to say about it in this Instagram post.

9. Electrical and Electronics

Fin Super is dielectric, which means it has insulating properties. You can spray it right onto electrical contacts to protect them from moisture and humidity. Fin Super has a dielectric strength of 88 kV/cm and conductivity of >2000 pS/m.

10. Zippers

Not just metal zippers, but any kind of zipper will move more smoothly with an application of Fin Super. Ideal for use on those heavy-duty cold weather suits. Fin Super is colorless and nearly odorless, and it won't stain fabric. Spray it right on your zippers without fear!

What about a food-safe version?

If you're a maintenance tech in any kind of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic production facility, you need to know about Interflon's food-grade lubricants with MicPol. Interflon Food Lube functions just like Fin Super, and it's certified NSF H1, kosher, and halal too! We have lots of other food-safe lubricants available, so give us a call at (877) FIN-LUBE or visit our Amazon store.