Interflon | How To Help Prevent Shoulder Strain…

...using the world’s most advanced lubricant technology!

How To Help Prevent Shoulder Strain…

If you’re a delivery driver of any sort, or if you know one of these drivers, chances are you’re familiar with one of the most common issues to plague this job: shoulder strain.

It comes from constantly pulling on those roll-up doors, which frequently stick and make life harder for your joints. Drivers for any trucking and delivery company--such as couriers, beer distributors, mail carriers, uniform rental companies, and the like--will know exactly what we mean when we say that those roll-up doors are probably responsible for more painful injuries than any other mechanical issue drivers will encounter.

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If shoulder pain has been a problem for you in the past, you’ve probably searched for all kinds of solutions and treatments. No matter what you’ve found, we’re sure you haven’t hit on this one yet: Interflon Fin Super with MicPol®!

You may be scratching your head, asking yourself how a lubricant and protective coating designed to be used on machinery can help you with your shoulder problems. The answer is deceptively simple: don’t put the Fin Super on your shoulder! Apply it to those roll-up doors, and your life will immediately become easier.


Simple: Fin Super uses MicPol, advanced lubricant technology. It provides less friction than any other product on the market. It has better staying power than any other product--up to ten times as long. MicPol is a game-changer in the lubrication market, and because lubrication affects nearly everything you do (whether you know it or not), it has the potential to change your whole world! That may sound like a bold statement, but it’s true.

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Most of these doors are similar in that they have rollers that move along a track. They may have sealed bearings or open ones--doesn’t matter. The rollers and tracks often become contaminated with dirt, road salt, spilled liquids such as pop or beer, and water. It doesn’t take long before these substances cause the rollers to stick.

It’s not just the rollers, either. Most of these doors are made of hinged panels, and those joints also get gummed up. The tracks themselves often curve where they’re joined to the ceiling of the truck, and that curve also adds friction.

The end result is a door that often jams unexpectedly or gets harder and harder to move. If you’re the driver whose job it is to open and close that door dozens of times a day, it won’t be long before you’re feeling the strain of those repetitive, jarring movements in your shoulders, as well as your back and any other joints that end up taking more than their share of strain.

Fin Super works like a charm on these rollers (and anything else that sticks, too!) Because it forms a smooth, solid film after drying, it won’t stay sticky and attract dirt or other particles, the way traditional lubricants do. This means that instead of getting all gummed up so that it’s even sticker than it was before, it stays clean and smooth.

One application can last up to ten times as long as traditional lubricants, thanks to our MicPol technology. It has a very light odor, in comparison with other products that have strong, unpleasant chemical smells. And, most importantly, it works... like a charm.

Fin Super is very easy to apply. It comes in an aerosol can with a handy directional straw. Just insert the straw into the nozzle and press. You’ll find it easy to target the areas you want to hit. A little Fin Super goes a long way, so you won’t need much. Save it for all the other projects you’ve got going on... Fin Super works on pretty much everything that moves!

Fin Super is clear, almost completely odorless, and won’t stain clothing. Other well-known lubricants may try to duplicate our performance, but they smell terrible and ruin clothes. Plus, they don’t last nearly as long.

How do we know Fin Super works? Extensive testing, experience in the field since 1980, and customer feedback. A normal maintenance period on these trucks is three months. No other lubricants we’ve tested have managed to last that entire period. They always wear out before maintenance is scheduled. Fin Super, however, always lasts the entire three months, and would even last longer if required.

Every delivery truck in the U.S. should have a can of Fin Super in it, and every fleet manager or mechanic should have a few cans kicking around the workshop. Fin Super is not just for doors… it’s for anything that slides, rolls, hinges, or needs to move freely. It’s also excellent at rust prevention. Because MicPol® forms a smooth, solid layer that is impervious to water, rust doesn’t stand a chance.