Interflon | How to repair car door weatherstripping with Fin Super

Yet another use for this incredibly versatile product!

How to repair car door weatherstripping with Fin Super

The problem: the seal around your car door dries, cracks, or shrinks with age, creating wind noise and potentially allowing humidity or weather to affect the car interior.

The solution: Interflon Fin Super

The story: On many vehicles, the weatherstripping around the door will break down or dry out with age. If you live in a hot, dry climate, the problem is usually much worse.

Even luxury automobiles are susceptible to this problem. This is annoying to an owner who has paid top dollar for a luxury car, only to have to deal with the rapid failure of a relatively low-tech part that can ruin what should be a pleasant riding experience.

Luckily the solution is easy, and far cheaper than replacing all the weatherstripping in a vehicle. The cost for replacement can run to well over a hundred dollars, and if steps aren't taken, the same problem will simply occur again.

For car dealers, the problem is magnified by hundreds of times.

The solution
: First, wipe down the entire length of weatherstripping. This will remove dust. If you have wax buildup from automatic car washes, it would be best to remove this before applying Fin Super. Take care to select a cleaning product that does not harm rubber or plastics. Interflon Foam Clean is ideal for this purpose, and has a multitude of other uses besides.

Then, once the weatherstripping has been cleaned, spray a liberal amount of Fin Super on a rag and rub the entire length of the weatherstripping until it returns to a uniform color.

Repeat this process every six months.

How it works
: Fin Super contains MicPol, Interflon's unique, game-changing lubrication technology. You can learn more about how MicPol works here. Fin Super rejuvenates weatherstripping and rubber, and it works simply by applying it and rubbing it in. You'll save money, and your ride will be as sweet as ever!

Best of all is that Fin Super has literally hundreds of other uses. It's a multi-purpose lubricant and protective coating that can be used to lube and protect just about anything that needs to move or remain rust-free. Every workshop and garage needs a can of Fin Super in it.

Fin Super is available on Amazon in two formats: a 300ml aerosol can, or a 50ml squeeze bottle.